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Maternity Nurses

Why Every Mum Needs a Maternity Nurse

In an ideal world, every mum would have a maternity nurse – because they deserve one!

Becoming a mother for the first time can be daunting. It’s a life-changing experience, no matter how well you have prepared and how much your baby is wanted. No matter how much support you have after the birth, there will still be times when you feel exhausted. New mums need a little help to have the best post-natal experience they can.

Of course, if you’re a mum adding to your family, you may need help too. New babies demand a lot of attention, but you will want to spend time with your older children too, ensuring they don’t feel neglected.

Sometimes, those early weeks are complicated by post-natal depression, a poorly baby or recuperation from a difficult birth or caesarean, making them even tougher – and not all new mums have a ready-made support system. Some mums are raising a child by themselves or no longer have parents around to support them; partners cannot always take extended paternity leave, however much they may wish to; and fewer families live on the doorstep today.

These are just some of the reasons why more and more expectant mums are booking private maternity care, choosing to have the specialist maternal nursing that a qualified and experienced maternity nurse can provide.

Private Maternity Care

A maternity nurse (sometimes known as a ‘maternity nanny’) can give you the reassurance, constant support and maternal nursing you need after the birth of your baby. The London Nanny Company provides maternity nurses who are qualified and experienced in the care of new-born babies, so you can feel confident that if you need to sleep, rest or just get out of the house for a break, your baby will be in good hands.

Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean your maternity nurse will ‘take over’! You set the parameters for their role and they will be led by you. There may be days when you’re happy to let them take care of your baby for long periods and others when you prefer them to be in the background, there to provide reassurance and guidance if needed.

A London Nanny Company maternity nurse can give you advice on breastfeeding and bottle feeding, Baby hygiene and bathing your baby, sterilising bottles and equipment, common ailments, such as colic and teething pain, setting routines and your own post-natal care and concerns. Knowing you have a friendly, supportive expert on hand can be an enormous comfort and help.

Maternity Nursing to Suit You

Our maternity nurses can be hired for a period to suit you. You may want help for just a short period or prefer your maternity nurse to be on hand for the first few months, allowing your baby to settle into a routine and allowing you to fully recover from the birth.

Some mums opt for a maternity night nurse, knowing that a good night’s sleep will give them more energy and enthusiasm to enjoy time with their baby during the day.

Whatever your circumstances and requirements, The London Nanny Company can find you a maternity nurse that suits you and your growing family perfectly.

Let us Find your Perfect Maternity Nurse

We take the strain out of recruiting and hiring your maternity nurse. When you choose us to arrange your private maternity care, we shortlist only the best candidates for interview, ensuring they have the appropriate qualifications and experience. Our consultants are all parents themselves and understand that choosing the right maternity nurse is a very personal and important decision.

We carry out initial interviews ourselves before passing interview reports and CVs on to you. We can arrange for you to interview or meet candidates at a venue of your choice. We can also arrange trial periods and payroll services and will provide ongoing support.

Maternity Nurse Jobs with the London Nanny Company

Are you looking for maternity nurse jobs or maternity nanny jobs? To register with us, you must have permission to work in the UK and at least 5 years’ experience, either as a maternity nurse or as a nanny with significant maternity nurse experience. You must also have appropriate qualifications, current DBS and Paediatric First Aid certificate and an excellent standard of English. In return, we’ll give you all the support you need to find your ideal maternity nurse job and carry on supporting you once you’re in post.

Ready to Register? You can register as a family or as a nanny by clicking one of the buttons directly below. If you have a query or would like to discuss your requirements, please call us on 020 3906 6640 or email us.

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