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BATTERSEA / CLAPHAM - SW11 Salary: 14-15.00 nph

Start Date: 23rd September 2019


Salary: £14-15.00 nph

Monday to Thursday - Part time (term time) - Full time (holidays)

Start date: ASAP

Job ref: 4560

A litle boy of 4 and his big sister who is 6, are in need of some love and care whilst their parents are at work. Both are obviously at school, so in the school holidays the your working day will be 09:00 to 18:00 and your term time hours are 13:00/14:00 to 18:00 and as an option, if you like, Thursday could be their date night and you could finish at 23:00 to offer you more hours.. Our client will also pro-rata the salary to reflect the four full days (same amount each week throuout the year). 


The few hours prior to School pick up (five minute walk up the road) to include all nursery duties and preparing a lovely homemade supper.

Once home, playing with the children, reading to them, or taking them to the park, library, or on a play date

Sometimes homework (reading or piano practice, although Mum aims to do most of this)

Sometimes five minutes speech therapy practice with the little boy (although Mum aim to do most of this)

If the babysitting on Thursday night is accepted, bed and bath time one night a week


Fairly unfussy (daughter is mildly allergic to peanuts, sesame and almond). Food is very important to both of them – they’re real eaters, and naturally very slim so it's good to feed them up!

Special needs:

Their son’s speech is delayed and he can sometimes be tricky to understand. Because of the difficulties he’s having in pronouncing words correctly they would only consider a nanny with very fluent spoken English. They would also only consider a non-smoking nanny.

A cleaner comes twice a week

To be considered for registration with our agency, you must have at least 5 years Nanny experience in the UK, a current DBS and Paediatric First Aid, have an excellent command of the English language and permitted to work in the UK

Ref: 4560

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